Birthday images: Syd Tonge’s, a Hofner Committee and Django Reinhardt

On Brian’s birthday, a little vignette of him at the age of 18, in the summer of 1960, courtesy of Rod, aka Ricky Welch. Rod worked at Syd Tonge’s – the … Continue Reading →


Revisionism and dysfunction

A couple of quick press updates. Firstly, thanks to the New York Times for the review of the Brian book, which proclaims it “revisionism of the best kind.” Secondly Thanks … Continue Reading →


One more under the bus: Ian Stewart

The Stones story boasts plenty of aggression and nastiness. But there’s humour and decency, too, and most of it is based around Ian Stewart, the co-founder of the Rollin’ Stones. … Continue Reading →


On air: author interviews

I’ve been enjoying a recent run of radio interviews, in both the UK and the US. One of the most extensive was for Jefferson Public Radio, a PBS station in … Continue Reading →


The saddest Brian Jones video of all

Many people think Sympathy For The Devil is a sad book, and I can understand why. Yet the feeling I came away with, after spending a couple of years constantly … Continue Reading →

The Pipes Of Pan at Joujouka, released October 9, 1971.

Bou Jeloud, and the magnificent panic

Today is the publication date of Brian Jones: the Making Of The Rolling Stones, the US version of my Brian Jones biography. It also marks the 43rd anniversary of the … Continue Reading →

Brian Jones: The Making of the Rolling Stones, Published by Penguin/Viking, 9 October

October 9: Brian touches down Stateside, and you ask the questions!

I’m proud to announce that tomorrow, October 9, is the official publication date of the US version of my book: Brian Jones; the Making of The Rolling Stones.    Over … Continue Reading →


Me and the Devil Blues

It looks much like any crossroads. Highway 61 is narrow, pockmarked with holes and cracks, neglected and slightly forlorn since a newer, bigger highway was built just down the road. … Continue Reading →


Brian Jones, style icon

We’ve had lots of words here about music, sound, feuding and fighting. Now for something important: fashion! Brian was the archetypal ’60s dandy, people like Michael Rainey, Jeff Dexter and Michael … Continue Reading →

The angelic young Julian Jones Leitch.

Future Past: a Saturation 70 finale

Here’s a quick photo dump from last night’s closing of Saturation ’70, the fascinating, still-born movie filmed at the Joshua Tree, directed by Tony Foutz, featuring an incredible cast including … Continue Reading →