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Snapshot of a dream

There are fascinating stories in the press today describing a ‘newly-discovered’ early David Bowie demo. In fact, the demo is mentioned in Starman, although there’s more to the story, from … Continue Reading →


Travels with the Starman: a podcast

A few weeks ago I did a series of podcasts with writer Nate Wilcox, who’s a very astute interviewer; reads books with real precision, and always seems to winkle out … Continue Reading →


By the Grace of God…

Very happy that Sister Rosetta Tharpe – who we put on the cover of one of my first issues of MOJO – finally gets a full feature in this month’s … Continue Reading →


Shades of blue

To complement the current issue of Wallpaper*, here are a few of my images from the shoot with Farhad Samari. There’s also an interview about the fabric dyed with this … Continue Reading →


Going natural: indigo in Tennessee

I enjoyed a brief, but inspiring, trip to Tennessee last autumn, for the indigo harvest. You can see my story in Wallpaper, on sale now. Photography by my good friend … Continue Reading →


Lazarus 3: beyond the bounds of earth

The later trio of Lazarus songs (which we can now enjoy on the download EP, released January 8) arrived in quick succession. The Plan, a lovely ballad with sweet, almost … Continue Reading →


Lazarus: the joy of a mash-up

  Throughout the autumn of 2014, Enda and David continued to work together. For Robert Fox, it was a question of being patient: “Once they got together, they just got … Continue Reading →


Lazarus: a trilogy of memories

We’re approaching two potent dates: what would have been David Bowie’s 70th birthday, on January 8, and the anniversary of when the Starman left us, on January 10 (the news … Continue Reading →


A superior degree of control: George Underwood

When I researched Starman, I was exceptionally lucky to speak both to enemies of David Bowie – for instance, ex-wife Angie – and friends. I felt especially lucky to speak … Continue Reading →

Sebastian Mlynarski, shooting the portrait included in Open Up and Bleed, of Iggy and Roller.

A wonderful island: Iggy and Ziggy

I’ve been lucky, in that there’ve always been magical, unforgettable voyages in every book I’ve worked on. With my David Bowie book, my trips to see the various interviewees resulted in … Continue Reading →