Brian in the USA

Brian Jones: The Making of the Rolling Stones, the US version of my Brian Jones book, is published in paperback next week, 3 November. Listen out on your local radio … Continue Reading →


“I only remember what I want to remember”

Andrew Oldham is a fascinating figure in the Stones story – possibly even as fascinating as he reckons himself, for right from the moment he teamed up with the band, … Continue Reading →


Peacock Tales

Here’s a snippet from an intriguing, stimulating interview that wasn’t that heavily featured in Sympathy For The Devil – but gives an insightful view of how Brian Jones was regarded … Continue Reading →

Bou Jeloud's cave

Guitarists, Gods and Goats: some Brian places and people

Over the last few days I’ve featured a selection of Q&As; today, I was about to add an intriguing interview with Nigel Waymouth, who gives great insight into Brian’s dandy … Continue Reading →

Earl Slick & Bill Wyman

“I’m the one who remembers”

The Rolling Stones story is full of unreliable witnesses; we choose who we want to believe. Today we can see that the victor’s version of history purveyed by Keith Richards, … Continue Reading →


This be the verse, part 2

  I will post another Q&A later today – the official publishing date of the UK paperback – but, looking through photos, I found this tiny, illuminating snippet. Again, it … Continue Reading →


Lost boy

In late April 1965, Brian Jones went missing. Over recent weeks he’d seriously considered leaving the band; it appears the Stones co-manager, Eric Easton, had discussed his future with him, … Continue Reading →


They f*ck you up, your mum and dad

In writing a book, there’s often a point at which an interviewee becomes a confidante – someone you can share ideas with, debate viewpoints. John Keen, who played trumpet in … Continue Reading →

German poster

The Downfall of a Dandy

I thought I’d dig out some choice Q&As for the publication week of the UK paperback of Sympathy For The Devil. Later I will post John Keen, who knew Brian … Continue Reading →


“He was a friend of mine”

Today is the anniversary of Brian’s official death-date (Like so many mis-renderings of Brian’s story, it’s actually the wrong date, for we know Brian had drowned before midnight on July 2). … Continue Reading →