Waterstones Angel

Houdini in Islington

I’ll be giving a talk about Lazarus and David Bowie’s Houdini Magic this Wednesday, 27 January at Waterstone’s, in one of their best locations, Islington Green, 7.30 (I remember that this … Continue Reading →


Paint It Black Friday!

Paint it Black Friday! A reminder that I’ll be doing a reading from Brian Jones: The Making of the Rolling Stones at Book Court in Brooklyn this Friday, 27 November.


Brian in Brooklyn: 27 November

I’m very excited to announce my first US in-store for the US paperback, at that celebrated store, Book Court in Brooklyn. I’ll be there at 7, giving a reading – … Continue Reading →


Good morning, America! Upcoming interviews

In the week that Brian Jones: The Making of the Stones hits US book-stores, here’s a run down of upcoming radio interviews. Please listen out and, where you can, call … Continue Reading →


Brian in the USA

Brian Jones: The Making of the Rolling Stones, the US version of my Brian Jones book, is published in paperback next week, 3 November. Listen out on your local radio … Continue Reading →


Revisionism and dysfunction

A couple of quick press updates. Firstly, thanks to the New York Times for the review of the Brian book, which proclaims it “revisionism of the best kind.” Secondly Thanks … Continue Reading →

Brian Jones: The Making of the Rolling Stones, Published by Penguin/Viking, 9 October

October 9: Brian touches down Stateside, and you ask the questions!

I’m proud to announce that tomorrow, October 9, is the official publication date of the US version of my book: Brian Jones; the Making of The Rolling Stones.    Over … Continue Reading →

Sid Maurer Baby 1968-2

Whose baby? Credit where credit is due

Today, the Sunday Times runs a story claiming that the famous Stones lips logo, traditionally suggested by Mick Jagger to design student John Pasche, was actually inspired by a painting commissioned by … Continue Reading →