Anatomy of a Murder

I was asked about what was going through Iggy’s mind in his messy, legendary show Murder of a Virgin. The story is covered in Open Up and Bleed, featuring all the main protagonists including Ron Asheton, Rodney Bingenheimer, and Nigel Harrison. But for reasons of space not all of Iggy’s comments were included. So here they are.

Tell me what was going thru your mind at the time of Murder Of  A Virgin. A picturesque evening.

I did the same thing later when I wrote a book. When you get really desperate,  I thought ‘I need to do something, before I become the person who once did whatever it was I no longer did. And was once in whatever I was no longer in’. And so I thought I need to do something in a different genre. So I’ll write a sort of a theatre piece, a theatre piece cum opera. So I wrote a few movements and I got two guys, I got Ron and Nigel to pay with me, I don’t remember if I used a drummer or not, I’d never really planned the blood, and as I got nearer the evening I made the decision to use the razor. And, you know. It was unnecessary, it didn’t really work. The blod in the Max’s Kansas City thing was much nicer blood! ha ha ha. It was less cynical blood. It just happened that time. But what I was up to was just thinking of different things I could do, I even considered at the time , I’d never been in a place where there so many rich people, I thought maybe I could make a living playing private parties in people’s living rooms with pickup bands, I didn’tt know WHAT I was going to do. I was casting about, basically.


Were you straight, or out of it?

I was out of it. But not when I wrote it.


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