Ken Pitt: a farewell

Ken Pitt 2
Someone just mentioned that Ken Pitt has died.
He was an intriguing, multi-faceted individual, and I doubt David would have made it in the way he did, without him. It was Ken who helped David see himself not as a rock’n’roller, but an artist. It was in Ken’s Manchester Square flat that David discovered new worlds, from Aubrey Beardsley, Oscar Wilde, Eric Gill to the Velvet Underground… Ken even had books by the ‘other’ David Jones, the WWI poet and artist. And, of course, Ken helped his first and most important transformation, from David Jones to David Bowie.
I always felt bad about troubling him too much, but relished especially the cultural chats I’d have with him, like what the most significant objects in the Wallace Collection were, when I knew he enjoyed the conversation. People would get in touch with me for his contacts details, and I would print out their emails and post them to him, usually getting a hand-written note of acknowledgement from him in turn; delightfully formal, as he doubtless was when he negotiated David’s crucial early record contract with Hugh Mendl. I will miss those letters, and I miss him.
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