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Always nice to be featured on the coverlines alongside terrific writers such as Charles Shaar Murray, Paul du Noyer and Nick Kent.

But it was just as nice to be reminded of writing about Hunky Dory, one of my favourite albums (this special edition of MOJO reprints my Hunky Dory piece of 2011). For me, one of the most exciting parts of writing a book is simply hitting the road, tracking people down, getting to know them and getting them to speak for me. For this piece, I spoke to Peter Noone, Mark Pritchett, Anya Wilson, Trevor Bolder, Bill Harry, Bob Grace, Dana Gillespie, Robin McBride, Ken Scott and Rick Wakeman  – all of them played their part in the making of this great album. So sorry Trevor is no longer with us, but thanks to all of those hundreds of people who helped map Bowie’s life.

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