Today’s Paperback: July 16

I was delighted to take delivery of an early copy of the UK Paperback of Sympathy For The Devil, which hits the streets a fortnight today, on July 16.


Many people have asked if there are significant differences between this and the original hardback. They are mostly minor, but significant; I recently interviewed Bill Wyman and had a chance to update his views on the band; I corrected several errors from the paperback and finally had chance to use the last photo of Brian with the Stones, taken during rehearsals on Denmark Street, in very late May 1969 – taken later than the previously last-known session, by Ethan Russell, and never seen before on the web or in print.


I’ll be adding more material to this site over the next fortnight; included will be the reactions of John Keen, one of Brian’s first bandmates, whose parents know Lewis and Louisa Jones and who, most relevantly of all, also has a background in educational psychology. There will be a short interview with the photographer of that last photo, explaining the mood; I’ll also be adding a preview of some of the Bill Wyman material, sharing his thoughts on how the band’s history has been rewritten. Finally, there will be extended Q&As with more people interviewed for the book, who had intriguing insights that I didn’t have space to feature. Watch this space, and if there’s any particular interview footage you’d like to read, email me by pressing the “contact” button above!

US readers, your paperback will arrive in November, and there’s more news soon on the Dutch and German editions.


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