Guitarists, Gods and Goats: some Brian places and people

Over the last few days I’ve featured a selection of Q&As; today, I was about to add an intriguing interview with Nigel Waymouth, who gives great insight into Brian’s dandy style – and also about the terrible dsyfunctionality behind the Stones. Then this morning I received an email from a John Doe, who told me he loved the book but had put it down, as it was too depressing. So, for John, here are some pretty photos – that tell us that a depressing story can also take us to inspiring places, and unleash amazing music. Along the way are some opinions of Brian: unvarnished and unsentimental, but many of them a loving recollection of this conflicted but charismatic figure. (If you’re in gallery mode, click on the centre of the photo for the caption.)


I enjoyed, felt blessed even, to follow Brian Jones on this journey, for throughout it all I was thinking of how, by bringing us this previously-neglected music, he helped transform today’s cultural landscape.

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