Future Past: a Saturation 70 finale

Here’s a quick photo dump from last night’s closing of Saturation ’70, the fascinating, still-born movie filmed at the Joshua Tree, directed by Tony Foutz, featuring an incredible cast including Gram Parsons, Michelle Phillips, Western clothing designer Nudie Cohen, special effects whizz Doug Trumbull and last, but not least, the young Julian Jones Leitch, the son of Brian Jones and Linda Lawrence.

This was a special evening for many reasons; it was fascinating to see the surviving footage of the movie, I hugely enjoyed conducting the Q&A and hope I did a passable imitation of David Dimbleby, taking questions from the audience. On the night we were privileged to see a surprise guest, Sandy Lieberson, a one-time agent for CMA and hence responsible for Performance, and later a producer for many significant films including That’ll Be The Day, Jaberwocky and many more.

The evening closed with a performance by Joolz Leitch’s duo, Public Overdrive; poignant for me, as I saw Joolz in the final days of completing my book, and he injected a vital optimism to the final pages. To close the evening we were treated to a short set by Donovan. Besides being a natural showman and raconteur, it was great to be reminded what a brilliant guitarist he is; I never knew he used the thumb-fretting technique we associate with Hendrix and a few others.

Thanks to those people who bought all my stash of books – you can email me via the ‘contact’ link at the top if you missed out on a signed copy!

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